Special Alerts

Posted on March 14, 2020 at 11:30 am


March 14, 2020
9:00 AM

To All Chautauqua Residents, Families, and Visitors including Vendors;
As expected, last night the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid issued guidance to nursing
facilities nation-wide. Even though we have no active cases in Floyd County, effective
immediately, we have been directed to “RESTRICT visitation of ALL visitors…” “Facilities are
expected to notify potential visitors to defer visitation until further notice.”
All entry doors at all facilities have been locked at this time to restrict unauthorized entrance to
the buildings. Staff members will be screened at the beginning of every shift and necessary
medical personnel will be screened each time they report to the facilities prior to entry.
Vendors need to call the facility upon arrival for direction as to where supplies should be
delivered and how. If you have individual concerns, please call the facility directly to discuss
Continue to check at the Chautauqua web site at www.chautauquaguesthomes.com and click
on the orange button OR check the Facebook pages for any of the homes for further updates. If
we do not have your email address, please go to the website, click on your facility, and then
click the “Contact Us” link on the right tool bar. Add your email address through that option
and click “Submit.”
As required, we must cancel communal dining and all group activities within the facility at this
time. If you have any small group games or individual activities such as word finds or movies,
please consider bringing these to the facility. You can drop off and then call to let us know and
we will bring them safely into the facility.
If we have your email address, remember to check your email daily for any updates. We
continue to look for ways to communicate with you throughout this emergency.
These restrictions are difficult for all of us but we also recognize that at this time they are
necessary for the health and safety of the residents. Working together, we can face these
challenges successfully. We appreciate your patience, help and cooperation throughout this
pandemic emergency.

The Chautauqua Guest Homes Management Team

COVID 19 Update 3/13/2020

Posted on March 13, 2020 at 6:57 pm

To All Chautauqua Guest Home and Riverside Senior Living Residents,
Families and other Visitors;
On Friday afternoon, March 13, 2020, the head of the Centers for
Medicare and Medicaid Services announced that the agency will be
releasing new guidance aimed at protecting seniors in facilities from
the novel coronavirus. The release states that “the vast majority of
visitors will be banned.” It goes on to describe a temporary restriction
“to all visitors and non-essential personnel, with few exceptions, such
as end-of-life situations.”
Our management team anticipates that we will be directed to lock
facility doors and not allow the majority of visitors into the facilities.
As soon as the guidance is released, Chautauqua Guest Homes will
immediately implement all aspects of the guidance to protect our
residents and our staff. We expect that this will occur quickly.
Please continue to monitor our web page,
www.chautauquaguesthomes.com, our Facebook pages, and your
email for further changes. We suggest that you call prior to visiting.
While this could be upsetting, please understand that the health and
safety of our residents and staff is really what is most important.
The Chautauqua Guest Home Management Team